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rare national currency
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    At Rare National Currency we hope to be a source of information for collectors and the general public.  However, more importantly, we are looking to buy any and all national bank notes.  The website includes all kinds of important facts regarding rare national currency, selling collections, and answers to basic questions concerning national bank notes.  
    We are here to help you; whether you have been collecting national currency for years, or if you just inherited a single note you are looking to sell for top market price,  we are buyers of all rare national bank notes.  Please take a few moments to browse our site.  Make note of our national bank note anatomy page, national currency identification guide, along with the values page.
    We are well aware that there are other places to sell national bank notes.  Due to competition we simply have to offer our best prices.  You will never have to play any pricing games with us.  Unlike coins, rare national currency is really only just now becoming appreciated - so not everyone really knows how valuable some of their rare national bank notes really are.  Even if we can't purchase your note or collection, we still love talking to collectors and hearing about national currency of all types.  The rare national currency website was designed simply for us to have a chance to purchase rare national currency from the public.  So if you have something to sell, please do not hesitate to contact us.  info@rarenationalcurrency.com