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Series of 1882 $5 Brown Back National Bank Note Layouts

Over the years collectors have found many different ways to collect national bank notes.  However, one thing has remained constant.  Series of 1882 $5 brown back national bank notes with interesting layouts have always gotten extra attention.  1882 fives were printed by both tiny one bank towns and by major metropolitan banks.  Prices range from a couple hundred dollars to five figures.  Even the most common notes can be desirable if they have a special layout.

Title blocks tend to self-organize into groups based on dominant visual features.  Each of these natural grouping usually represents notes from a specific era.  The curious fact is that the dominant feature defining a given group often is not the same feature that defines another group.  Consequently the criteria used to define groups in this classification scheme will change as we move through time.

Below are the 17 defined groups of layouts.  While they are all interesting, only the circus poster style notes tend to command significant premiums beyond condition and bank rarity.

 Image of 1882 $5 Brown Back

 Group Number


Group 1 – Patent Lettering


Group 2 – Recycled Original Series Layouts


Group 3 – Artistic-Ultimate Series Standard


Group 4 – Circus Poster-1


Group 5 – Princess Leia


Group 6 – Two Line Payment Clause


Group 7 – Script Payment Clause


Group 8 – Cigar Box Label-1


Group 9 – Cigar Box Label-2


Group 10 – Circus Poster-2


Group 11 – Baroque National Bank


Group 12 – To Bearer


Group 13 – Circus Poster-3


Group 14 – Shingled Layout


Group 15 – Elegant National Bank of


Group 16 – Narrow Five Dollars


Group 17 – Borrowed early Five Dollars