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New York National Bank Notes

New York National Bank Notes

        New York issued national bank notes from 901 banks in 461 towns.  The New York national bank note market can be broken out into two parts, there is New York City, and then there is everything else.  New York national bank notes are going to be the most desirable if they are from Nassau, Westchester, Suffolk, or Rockland counties.  Basically, the closer the town is to New York City, the better.  National bank notes from upstate New York are typically less valuable; the population is lower and the collector base isn’t as strong.  National bank notes from New York City are typically very cheap, with even rare issues worth less than one thousand dollars.  Common issues are worth less one hundred.  New York City had the most national bank issuing institutions of any city in The United States.  New York national bank notes are collectible; they just have to be from the right city.

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